Covid - 19 Mitigation Plan

Fall 2021

Choices: Instructors and individual students can choose between a return to in-person lessons, or to continue with online lessons. (Lesson times, including for those who wish to remain virtual, will be adjusted for the return to school schedule.) Brass and woodwind lessons will remain virtual for the Fall semester. All instructors teaching on campus as this time have been vaccinated. If at any time you would like to return to virtual only lessons, please let us know.


Our instructors are looking forward to being able to work with your child in person! Most students will probably opt for a return to in-person lessons, but if the transmission rates in the county warrant a return to virtual lessons only, or if Henrico County Schools return to remote learning only, we will return to remote lessons.

Birthday Parties: we will not be hosting birthday parties at this time. 


Masks Required: All students, staff and visitors will be asked to wear masks regardless of vaccination status, and every effort will be made to ensure six foot social distancing, adequate ventilation, and reduction in the number of people in the building. To protect our instructors, staff, and students (many of whom are under 12 and not yet eligible for vaccination), we will all wear masks whenever we are in the building.


Social Distancing: As much as possible, instructors, students, and visitors are asked to maintain six feet distance from others.


Ventilation: We will purchase portable HEPA air purifiers for every room, including bathrooms, that will create an air exchange 3-4 times every hour. Instructors will also be able to open windows to increase fresh air in the rooms.


Hygiene: Please have your child bring hand sanitizer from home and use it before and after each lesson. We will also have sanitizer available in the building. We will disinfect high touch areas daily. Piano instructors will wipe off their keyboards after every lesson.


Screening & Absences: We will email each family a health screening form at the beginning of the semester and ask you to review it. Please keep your children home if they are sick for any reason. If a child is absent for a non-Covid illness, we will try to arrange a make up lesson if possible.


Covid Absence Policy: If a child is absent because he or she has Covid-19, or is in quarantine because of possible exposure to Covid-19 (i.e. if another member of the family has or has been exposed to Covid) we will credit the absence. Hopefully such cases will be rare, and if possible, remote lessons could be scheduled for make-ups. To help protect our community, please let us know if your child has contracted or been exposed to Covid-19 after attending a lesson at the Center.


Limit Exposure: We will try to limit the number of people in the building. Parents will be asked to drop off and pick up their children at the front door at lesson time.