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Covid-19 Mitigation Plan


The Center for Creative Arts at Shady Grove United Methodist Church encourages anyone who may have a higher health risk to consider wearing a mask while indoors. We also would ask that if you have been exposed to anyone who is positive for Covid-19, or if you are not feeling well, to please stay home. This will help to slow the spread to others and help to protect the vulnerable in our community.


Choices:  Most private music lessons are in-person, however students are welcome to inquire about the availability of virtual lessons.  All instructors teaching on campus as this time have been vaccinated. If at any time you would like to return to virtual only lessons, please let us know.


Masks Optional - Masks are optional, however Instructors and students are encouraged to monitor the CDC Henrico County Covid reports and are encouraged to wear masks during times of High Community Transmission.  Some instructors and some students continue to wear masks because of health vulnerabilities of individuals or their family members in the group.


Ventilation: We have purchased portable HEPA air purifiers for every room, including bathrooms, that will create an air exchange 3-4 times every hour. Instructors are also able to open windows to increase fresh air in the rooms.


Hygiene: Please have your child bring hand sanitizer from home and use it before and after each lesson. We will also have sanitizer available in the building. We will disinfect high touch areas daily. 


Screening & Absences:  Please keep your children home if they are sick for any reason. If a child is absent for a non-Covid illness, we will try to arrange a make up lesson if possible, but cannot guarantee it due to Instructors schedules.


Covid Absence Policy: If a child is absent because he or she has Covid-19, or is in quarantine because of possible exposure to Covid-19 (i.e. if another member of the family has or has been exposed to Covid) we will credit the absence. Hopefully such cases will be rare, and if possible, remote lessons could be scheduled for make-ups. To help protect our community, please let us know if your child has contracted or been exposed to Covid-19 after attending a lesson at the Center.

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