Safety Protocols

Summer Camps 2021

We are so glad to be back in person! We will adhere to the following safety protocols to ensure our students have a safe and enjoyable experience.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


Camp Policies: 


Because our children under 12 are not yet vaccinated, and some teens are also not yet vaccinated, we will adhere to the following protocols for all camps.  Please read carefully, and take time to explain to your children the safety rules we will follow.  If a child cannot abide by the safety rules they will be sent home, and will not be eligible for refunds. The camps are limited to 10 students, and will be held outside under tent canopies under the large oaks in front of the building.  If it is raining, or too hot (over 85 degrees), we will move inside into the large room we call Chapel Hall.  All instructors and teen art counselors have all been vaccinated.  


Masks:  Children will be required to wear well-fitting masks brought from home during the entire camp, except while eating snacks.  Students will keep masks on outside as although we will try, we cannot guarantee the six foot distance will always be maintained.  The covid virus is transmitted through aerosols, and new variants are proving to be more transmissible.  Any student that does not abide by the mask policy will be sent home. The Center will have replacement masks available if needed. Staff and teen volunteers will also wear masks at all times. 

Distancing: Campers will maintain a distance of six feet from each other at all times. Tables and seats will be spaced to maintain this distance. Bathroom breaks and movement within the building will be supervised to maintain six-foot distance between campers. Students that cannot abide by the distancing rules will be sent home.

Drop Off and Pick Up: Carpool line drop off and pick up; students will be assigned a number to be placed in the windshield for pickup. Children will be signed in by staff member in carpool line.  To reduce the number of people in the building, siblings will not be allowed to enter the building.  Any parent visiting the building must wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.


Health Screenings: All campers will be asked to submit the Shady Grove United Methodist Church (SGUMC) health screening form either online or in person, prior to the first day of camp. Each day, a staff member will, while masked and maintaining six-foot distance ask the parent in the carpool drop off to confirm verbally the SGUMC Entryway Health Acknowledgement Form confirming that their child is not sick, and has not been in contact with anyone who has Covid19 or Covid symptoms in the last 24 hours. Children will be instructed, as indicated in CDC recommendations, to tell an adult if they are feeling unwell.
Isolation Room: A space will be designated as an isolation room, staffed by a pre-assigned person, and any child who is sick will be kept there while their parents are notified to pick them up. Staff will have a touchless thermometer, gloves, and KN95 masks.

Sick Child Policy: Children who are sick, or who have had a fever the in the previous 24 hours, are not allowed to attend camp. In the event that a child has Covid19 or has been exposed to someone with Covid19, their camp tuition will be refunded. If any camper, volunteer, or staff member is exposed to or has contracted Covid19 during the week, The Center will follow SGUMC rules for informing the church staff, camper families, and the Virginia Department of Health, while maintaining confidentiality. If a staff member, counselor, or camper is confirmed with having Covid 19, all families will be notified, the camp will be canceled, and all campers and staff will be asked to quarantine and self-monitor for symptoms. Tuition will be refunded for any cancelled days.

Hygiene: Campers will be asked to bring hand sanitizer from home. They will be instructed to wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after using the bathroom, and before eating. Campers will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon arrival, and before dismissal. The Center will also have sanitizer available at strategic locations.

Art Materials:  will not be shared. Students will have their own pencil boxes brought from home with pencils, erasers, scissors, crayons, colored pencils and markers. Students will be given their own paper, palette, and paintbrush that will be cleaned daily after camp by instructors. All commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected prior to each camp day using SGUMC church approved protocols and cleaners. In addition to routine enhanced cleaning by church janitorial staff, a camp staff member will use disinfectant wipes on bathroom sinks and toilet handles after snack, and at the end of camp. A camp staff member will clean all tables and chairs, and door handles at the end of each camp day.


Bring from home:


-Well fitting mask

-Hand Sanitzer

-Pencil box or shoe box labeled with your child's name with pencil, erasers, scissors, colored pencils, and markers

-Snack (Peanut free please!)  

-Water bottle

-Smock or Old T-shirt

Snack: Children will bring a snack from home and will eat outside, sitting 6 feet apart, weather permitting. If it is raining, children will eat in the Fellowship Hall in seats spaced 6 feet apart. Doors to the Fellowship Hall will be left open during the 10-minute snack break to increase air circulation.

Water Breaks: Campers will bring bottled water from home. Drinking fountains will not be used.


Ventilation: Doors will be open during entrance and dismissal if inside, and for bathroom breaks, to reduce touching, and to increase air flow. HVAC system will be adjusted for maximum air exchange as determined by church administrators. Outside doors adjacent to the bathrooms can be opened for 10 minutes every hour to increase air flow. If raining or temperature is above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, doors and windows in Chapel Hall can be opened
for five minutes every hour to increase fresh air in Chapel Hall. Portable Hepa Air Purifiers will be placed in the bathrooms to increase air exchanges.


Thank you for your patience in reviewing the Center's policies to protect our children while enabling them to safely have fun and create together!  

Again, please let us know if you or your child has any questions, or special health considerations.