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Chris Chorney

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Chris Chorney is a cello player and multi-instrumentalist who has played on numerous Grammy-Award Winning tracks with such artists as Kanye West and Jay-Z. He plays the cello solo at the start of the song All Of The Lights, which has garnered over 250 million views on YouTube. He is the owner of Analog Rock Machine Studio in Honolulu, Hawaii which has produced numerous albums for a diverse array of local musicians. He currently resides in Richmond Virginia, and performs with the Richmond Philharmonic Orchestra, the Fredericksburg Symphony Orchestra, the VCU Health Orchestra, and with ensembles including Classical Revolution RVA.  


A graduate of Columbia University in NY, Chris also performed as Principal Cello with the Columbia University Orchestra.


Chris has taught cello privately for over a decade. His teaching philosophy is based on a physical approach to the cello (developed by his teacher Nicholas Anderson and his teacher Margaret Rowell) - finding ways to express oneself more freely and effectively through a study of the physical form of playing, and finding a true inner voice that can flourish under this natural approach. This "breakthrough" method allows the player to make conscious the otherwise unconscious and mechanical processes that lead to a natural and connected way of playing the instrument.  Chris also teaches guitar.


$33 per half hour

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