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Stephen Norfleet Jr.

    Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone


Stephen Norfleet, Jr. is an accomplished musician who plays tenor, alto, soprano, and baritone saxophone.  He also performs and teaches the flute, clarinet, and bass clarinet. Stephen has a BA in Jazz from VCU, and a Master of Music Degree from the Manhattan School of Music in NYC with a Performance Emphasis in Tenor Sax.  He was the founding director and bandleader of the internationally acclaimed Devil’s Workshop Big Band.  He has created award winning projects and brought his talents to a diverse list of ensembles in music genres including jazz, funk, rock, sacred, and classical.  He is the owner of Skyhook Studios RVA, a full-service media studio specializing in sound design, composition, mixing, audio post production, video production, and the performing arts.  Stephen  frequently offers masterclasses where he performs and speaks about his work, and he currently also teaches Music Theory, Harmony, and Production for the 
Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.  Stephen believes that teaching, along with performing and composing, is an important component of being a successful musician.  He tailors his lessons to the individual student.  


Jazz Improvisations for Piano and Woodwinds: Private Lessons

Jazz Improvisation for Woodwinds and Piano: Private Lessons

Students learn the foundations of jazz improvisation, theory, song forms, and improvisational concepts and techniques. Students will be able to perform and solo (improvise) in various styles of music. One year of experience with the instrument is required. I

Instruments include clarinet, saxophone, flute, and piano. 

Music Production and Recording Arts

Students will use Apple GarageBand to learn about digital music production and recording, including how to record a live performance, as well as capture sounds to be used as samples or sound effects. Open to ages 9 and up. No experience required. Students provide a Mac laptop or iPad/iPhone.

If this is your first time taking lessons with Stephen, you may take two paid trial lessons before committing to the full semester. Contact us for details.


$36 per half hour

Teaching Availability 


Interested in Music Lessons with Stephen?

Call or email us to check availability
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