Chess Camp
How to Play and Win!

Grades K - 6th 

5 day Virtual Zoom Class Camps - $100

1 hour scheduled class/day with a limited group of 4-6 students!

Session 1: July 20-24 
Session 2: July 27-31

Session 3: August 24-28

Due to the restrictions of necessary social distancing at this time,  The Center will conduct our chess camps in a virtual classroom!  We will schedule between four and six students for a one hour daily lesson where they can play interactively under the guidance of instructor Parul Shah.

Any student that has pre-paid for the camp will receive a refund of the higher on-campus fee.


Learn to play one of the world’s oldest and most challenging games. Discover strategies that build a strong chess foundation, one piece at a time in this popular camp! Put these strategies 
to work in Pawn Games that test your skills. Conquer the mysteries of check, checkmate and stalemate. Then, learn to start the game with the advantage using an opening strategy that will keep your opponents on the defensive. Set up checkmate patterns that will help you win in the endgame. Develop the skills that will make you a strong player.  Players are paired according to age and ability.  



Monday-Thursday 2pm-7pm

Friday 3pm -6pm

Saturday-Sunday Closed

Summer Hours according to camp 






Shady Grove United Methodist Church

4825 Pouncey Tract Road

Glen Allen, Virginia 23059



Tel: 804.360.2687

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